Dan shipping & trading

Dan Shipping & Trading


The objects of the company are render brokerage and forwarding services. For ship-owners, brokerage firms, as well as of other customers needing help in the sea or road transport.

The concept of the functioning of the company is based on a knowledge management about the customer. It allows on of improving the cooperation, and having a positive effect on a constancy of the relation.

A fact, that all changes and the business progress are closely connected with expectations of our clients, is a consequence of the adopted strategy of the company. Starting with: consultation ahead of the contract, farther through executing a forwarding order, at the end settlement of the contract – Our client comes with a warranty professional and of efficient service.

Selection of reliable subcontractors, permanent search of variants - with the most beneficial logistically and the best price, makes that services offered by the company are competitive – compare to other services shown on the market.

The cooperation with Dan Shipping and Trading company guarantees for customers a lot of benefits, especially:

- cooperation with the checked partner,
- guarantee of highest level service,
- an individual solution fitted to client’s needs,
- the certainty and trusting in everyday relations,
- efficient and professional service,
- using tested solutions.

Above benefits are a result from the business start-up - satisfying customers and employees as the highest target. According to the accepted strategy, the company for over 25 years, is effectively acting on the market.


Head Office
ul. Niepodległości 22
70-412 Szczecin
P.O.BOX 750

ul. Tadeusza Wendy 10b
70-655 Szczecin
+ 48 91 43 40 503

Office Gdańsk/Gdynia
ul. Armii Krajowej 35
81-870 Sopot
+ 48 519 770 222